Love Yourself Healthy for the Holidays

A Realistic Holiday Survival Guide... Pie Not Included

Are you ready to face the "Holiday Eating Season?"

Many people gain weight over the holidays. They toss their health goals to the side to enjoy the feasting that starts with Halloween candy and carries right into New Year's Eve celebrations. Basically, in the last 3 months of the year, they undo all the good work they've done to lose weight and improve their health in first 9 months of the year!

They do a lot of damage to their health, their waistline, and their self-esteem by thinking of the holidays as a free-for-all.

You will never reach your health goals if you do this too!

Don't sabotage yourself - you can end this year closer to your goals or further away from them. You can start the new year being proud of the person you see looking back at you in the mirror - and maybe drop a pants size - because you did something different this year.

The choice is up to you - but not thinking about it is actually choosing self-sabotage.

Setting goals for the holidays is easier with this guide.

Alexia helps you make informed decisions and realistic goals. It’s hard not to go into the holiday season dreading the parties and celebrations because of all the goodies and alcohol flowing freely. But going in with a game plan is all it takes, along with holding yourself accountable.

This course made me realize there is no reason to skip holiday parties and gatherings. Just skip the extra whipped cream on that slice of pumpkin pie.

- Robyn K.

The course was quick, practical, and packed full of useful information. I particularly enjoyed Alexia’s sense of humor and her obvious understanding of the dilemmas dieters face with the constant barrage of holiday food.

It surprised me to learn of the damage you do your body and health when you consume those big meals. So glad I eat 4 small meals a day!

This course is a convenient way to get into the mindset of dieting success no matter how many carbs, cookies, and cakes stand in your way during the Christmas season.

-Cathy M.

If you are ready to stop the yearly holiday struggle with your weight and health, this is the course that can show you how to breeze through the fun holiday occasions without having a battle in your head or adding inches to your waistline.

You can end the year stress-free and maybe even down a few pounds!

What's that you say?

"But, it’s the holidays! The time for vacations and family and I just want to relax and enjoy myself!"

Darn right it's the holidays and you deserve to enjoy the heck out of every minute of it!

Here's the thing - you can absolutely still eat the cookies and pie with these tips and strategies!


During the course, I was reminded to take a few moments to reflect on what I was thankful for and how I might make my day better; which in itself was great because I could digest one day at a time.

As someone with two children and who spends 11 hours a day outside of the home - the online course was a blessing. If I missed a live video, I could catch up on it later or revisit multiple times if I wanted to hear a message again.

One of the biggest benefits for me was that it was a glimpse into the bigger challenges which seem much more manageable for my longer term goals.

- Megan A.

What you get in this program to build your personal holiday survival strategy:

  • 10 videos with real-life holiday survival tips
  • 1 video on how to deal with self-sabotage and shut up that inner critic
  • 1 video on the importance of planning your strategy and making goals
  • 3 optional worksheets to guide you through setting yourself up for success, working through the 10 tips, and making your personal holiday strategy and goals
  • The entire holiday survival guide in PDF format with additional tips for reducing the calories or increasing the nutrition in foods that are part of traditional holiday meals, which spices & herbs pair with which foods so you can make sure your meals are still delicious, and an example of how a few simple food swaps can save over 1,000 calories and 150 grams of carbohydrates

This course is perfect for those who struggle with their health and weight to create and reach food and exercise goals so they can love the person they see in the mirror.

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The N.E.W. Motivation Coaching Manifesto

We are part of a movement to redefine how we get healthy. We have a NEW attitude, NEW goals, and are working towards a NEW life.

We don’t follow restrictive diets, starve ourselves, and sacrifice our mental health for our physical health. We don’t believe in shame and guilt based on our food choices. We do not deny ourselves.

We are sick and tired of hating ourselves healthy.

We believe in a balanced approach health and weight management that builds our self-esteem and is based on a foundation of love for ourselves and for others. We eat without justifying our choices and we focus on getting stronger physically and mentally.

Diet Culture is wrong. We have been dieting for decades and we are getting bigger and unhealthier.

Our doctors are wrong when they tell us to “just eat less” without giving us the tools or the foundation to make lasting change.

That celebrity pushing the latest weight loss miracle product is wrong. They are getting paid to sell us hope in a bottle.

Hope will not get us where we want to go.

We have stopped listening to all the noise out there and we are doing something NEW.

Same game. NEW rules. This time, we are loving ourselves healthy.

We are a N.E.W. tribe.

We put in the work. We push ourselves. We get it done every day.

We know balance is key for health and we strive to live in balance.

We never sacrifice one aspect of health for another.

We make it easy with a smart, science-based strategy.

We enjoy our food and understand the importance of quality nutrition.

We value our strength.

We love ourselves as we are right now and appreciate our amazing bodies.

We are driven. We are powerful. We are capable. We are strong.

We are the N.E.W. Motivation Coaching tribe.

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Your Instructor

Alexia Lewis
Alexia Lewis

ACE Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (FL) who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food. Alexia was a Chronic Dieter who went from Body-Hater to Body-Lover after becoming a Heart Attack Survivor.

Get ready for a No nonsense - No BS - Keep It Simple approach, served up with a non-diet or reverse-diet philosophy and a side of body confidence and empowerment. Learn to focus on the mental game of healthy living as well as the details of daily food, activity, and other lifestyle choices.

Alexia has coached, counseled, educated, learned and laughed alongside hundreds of clients and patients in medical and worksite wellness settings. Through N.E.W. Motivation Coaching, Alexia brings hands-on and virtual workshops and classes to adults to improve their nutrition quality, break their food rules, transition to a new way of eating, and manage their health and weight – even those with a crazy schedule, those on a tight food budget, and those concerned with the quality or – or additives in – their foods.

Alexia has also taught nutrition and counseling courses at the University of North Florida. She writes, speaks, and advocates for healthy living in a realistic, flexible, and delicious way. Learn more about Alexia at or catch her free videos at YouTube: AlexiaLewisRD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. If Teachable goes away and N.E.W. Motivation Coaching goes a different direction, then you can email Coach Alexia and she will send you the files so you can always have them.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We know that this WORKS if you WORK IT! But we would never want you to be unhappy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to request a refund.

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One thing is for certain: the holidays are here. There will be parties and family get-togethers.

The question is: what are you going to do about it this year?

Use the same old approach you used in past years... which lead to gaining 5+ pounds from now until you re-commit on January 1?

Start the new year heavier and less out of shape again?

Have that much more work to do to become the fit, strong, confident, comfortable, and happy woman you want to be?

You want different results?

Try a different approach.

This course is full of ready-made goals so you can breeze through these fun holiday occasions without having a battle in your head or adding inches to your waistline.

This year, stop the yearly holiday struggle you deal with in your head so you can love the driven, beautiful person you see in the mirror - and maybe even start the new years down a few pounds and stress-free!

Start TODAY to get your mind ready to breeze through these fun holiday occasions while still keeping your health a priority and maybe even be able to lose some weight!

At N.E.W. Motivation Coaching,

we help women who struggle with their weight and health

create and reach their food and exercise goals

so they can love the woman they see in the mirror

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